Raymond J. Kloss is committed to providing unparalleled service while being among the best in the areas in which we practice. Below is an list of practice areas that we focus on.

Business/Corporate Law and Litigation


Transactional practice includes business entity formation, real estate purchases and leases, and contracts of all types. When forming a business, knowing whether to incorporate as a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or other type of entity can have serious implications regarding issues such as taxation and revenue, liability, management and control, and business succession planning. Whether you are new to business or expanding your enterprise, I offer the advice and legal service necessary to get your business operating the way you want it to. I also engage in the negotiating, drafting, and review of contracts to help transactions go smoothly, with your rights and interests protected in the event of a future dispute.



Companies engage in business contacts countless times a day, and the occasional business dispute is inevitable. When litigation is required to resolve these matters, I provide strong and effective courtroom representation based on decades of experience in the Lake County area and statewide.

My motto is “success comes from aggressive planning in protecting your interests” in all business areas. I provide expertise in Business Contracts, Non-compete Agreements, Hold-Harmless and Non-Disclosure Agreements, Employment Agreements, Incorporation Papers, LLCs, Commercial Leases, Corporate Minutes, Business Sales and Purchases, Resolution of Business Disputes, EEOC and ADA Defense.

If you are currently in a business dispute – you need a competent, experienced and aggressive litigator. Let my experience guide you through the process and make sure your legal rights are protected.


Criminal and Traffic Law

criminal_and_trafficAt Kloss Law, I understand that facing criminal charges, or even traffic court, can be unsettling. Having experienced counsel at your side during the process is critical. I will deal with police, prosecutors, witnesses, and the media (where applicable) so that you can rest easier, confident that your interests are being vigorously defended.

Raymond J. Kloss is experienced in all felonies, misdemeanors, white-collar offenses, serious traffic/DUI, appeals, forfeitures, post convictions, ordinance violations, expungements, and more.

It is also important to consider that the result of a criminal or traffic case can have a major impact on civil litigation arising from the same incident. In short, handling the matter on your own could cost you or your company additional money in the future. I am well-versed in both civil and criminal litigation and will devise a legal strategy designed to effectively meet your specific needs and interests.

No matter what the charge, do not delay in obtaining competent counsel to defend you or your loved ones. Contact Me immediately so that I can investigate and intervene on your behalf. Initial consultations are free.


Personal Injury& Workman’s Compensation

When the negligence or wrongful conduct of an individual, business, or other entity causes injury to another, the law allows the injured party to recover compensation for the damages caused, including property damage, present and future medical expenses, lost wages due to missed work or diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and emotional distress. Obtaining this recovery from a defendant or insurance company requires the plaintiff to prove all the facts of the case, including the accident itself, the defendant’s fault, and the nature and extent of the plaintiff’s injuries. There are many defenses available in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, such as comparative negligence, as well as statutes of limitations and other procedural issues which must be properly followed.

i-personalinjuryandworkersI have decades of experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in every type of personal injury lawsuit, including automobile and trucking accidents, products liability, and premises liability (slip and fall), medical malpractices, wrongful death, and assault and battery cases. I am a skilled trial attorney who understand how to investigate and evaluate a claim, and know when to recommend a settlement and when to go to trial.

When you or a loved one gets injured at work or otherwise, your whole livelihood could be ruined. You need strong, firm, competent representation to make sure your interests are protected. Raymond J. Kloss will make sure you and your family will be fully compensated, and we receive NO FEES unless you recover!


Family Law

Raymond J. Kloss represents individuals and families in divorce and related issues of child custody and child support, spousal support, and the division of marital property. I am a successful negotiator and strong advocate who understands the law and works to see that your rights are protected and that your interests are fairly represented in all areas of a divorce proceeding. My family law practice also encompasses other matters, such as:

  1. Family-LawDomestic Violence Restraining Orders
  2. Civil Harassment Protective Orders
  3. Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreements
  4. Guardianships
  5. Contested Divorces
  6. Uncontested Divorces
  7. Custody Determination and Changes
  8. Child Support & Maintenance
  9. Visitation Issues
  10. Removal Issues, and Property Settlements
  11. Unfit Parent
  12. Orders of Protection


Raymond J. Kloss does offer a single flat rate for uncontested divorces. Contact Me today!


Probate and Estate Planning

A comprehensive estate plan addresses not only the distribution of one’s estate, but also issues such as potential tax implications, probate avoidance, guardianship of one’s minor children, and a plan for the management of one’s health and financial affairs in the event of physical or mental incapacity. Taking the time to understand the testator’s wishes and carefully drafting documents accordingly is the best method to realizing the testator’s intent. In the event will contests or other challenges do arise, experienced trial attorneys familiar with probate litigation are essential to seeing that full and proper effect is given to the estate plan.

Raymond J. Kloss handles the drafting of wills and all types of trusts, and prepare other ancillary documents, including advance healthcare directives and financial durable powers of attorney, to create a comprehensive estate plan. Raymond J. Kloss also represent clients in connection with trust administration, probate administration, trust and estate litigation, and guardianship and conservator-ship proceedings.

While no one likes to think about dying, it is important to have an Estate Plan in place to make sure your wishes are fulfilled upon your passing. Unfortunately, many lawyers suggest clients enter into elaborate and expensive estate plans when often a simple plan will suffice. While in some cases extensive planning is necessary, Raymond J. Kloss will never offer you something you do not need.

Real Estate


Purchasing or selling a home is usually a person’s largest financial event. Raymond J. Kloss is someone who understands that in most cases your home is your biggest asset. When you buy or sell your home, you need someone with experience to see that it goes smoothly.

While the form contracts are all the same, each transaction and each client have unique qualities requiring careful drafting of offers, counter-offers, notices and amendments with additional provisions and contingencies tailored for the client and property involved. It is important to review the title insurance to assure the property is free and clear of any potential liens or encumbrances. Closing documents also need to be reviewed to verify they reflect correct numbers and information based upon the agreements in the offer. Many people feel pressure to sign documents throughout the process, even if they don’t understand the documents. Attorney Raymond J. Kloss will take you step by step through the closing process and ensure that you understand what you are signing.

The Raymond J. Kloss Law Firm has successfully represented clients in Purchasing and Sales, Purchasing Offers, Real Estate Closings, Title Searches, Subdivisions, Residential and Commercial Properties. Let Raymond J. Kloss make sure the largest financial event in your life is completely taken care of!